Product Overview

  • In the palm of
    your hands

  • Cross-platform

  • Have all information

  • Speed up
    your sales

  • Cloud

Have your business operations under your complete control

Monitor your sales, inventory and profits through both web and app anytime, anywhere

  • Record every transaction
  • Being able to understand your company's performance whenever you want makes management easier
  • Generate statistical data and analysis reports to understand the company's profit

Cross-platform software with data security

Synchronize data through android, iOS and web

  • Improve work efficency and coordination between staff members
  • Trade anytime, anywhere by sending electronic documents instantly
  • Have a more efficient business process and improve sales

Inventory level notifications to improve inventory management

You can check inventory level, cost of goods, sales price…etc on your mobile anytime, anywhere

  • Have access to accurate inventory data and instantly understand your inventory status
  • Have access to inventory levels and cost of goods through your mobile app anytime and anywhere
  • Arrange stock replenishments accordingly through an inventory management system

Just one click and orders can be processed through the app

Say farewell to the traditional billing method. Authorise transactions through the app with one click.

  • Look up customer history details, send quotations and achieve success in sales
  • Have the option to show different discounted pricing according to the customer
  • Readily have access to product sales data, inventory data and profit history

Use Cloud networking to achieve electronic reconciliation and make the process easier and more convenient

In-app billing by sending receipts via WhatsApp, WeChat or email

  • Customers/suppliers can verify receipts faster and easily
  • Cloud Print - Print the latest receipts anytime and anywhere while connected to a wifi printer
  • Data is secured with the IBM Secure cloud network


Transactions: Create different documents through our order processing system, such as quotations, sales contracts, invoices / delivery notes, sales returns, purchase orders, receipts, purchase returns

Contacts: including customers, suppliers, business partners or others

Products: Save newly added products, check quotations, take images of newly added products instantly on the app

Reports: Access to clear assessments of the company's performance through graphs and descriptions to assist decision-making

Settings: Through main settings, customise your currency, units, payment methods, email formats and many more to suit your needs and requirements

Print: Pick from a variety of templates for different documents to improve your corporate image